I mentioned in my last post I spent a day at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. It was a beautiful cool day, and I was getting ready for a busy spring season. Spending time alone with God is always refreshing and helps me to stay connected to him during those times.

I managed to visit the botanical gardens at the very end of their butterfly pavilion. Thousands of butterflies flying all over. As I entered the pavilion, people were milling around, small children chasing butterflies. I had a sudden urge to start chasing them too. I wanted to see them up close, try watch what they were doing.

And to be honest, I started walking toward plants where they were flying too so I could take some pictures. I tried so hard to get pictures as they fluttered around. They moved so quickly my pictures did not do them justice. I couldn’t capture in a photo what I was seeing in person.

After spending a few minutes walking around “chasing” the butterflies I sat on a bench just to try to get a picture of a few in some plants. The pavilion was filled with beautiful, colorful plants. Some that I had never seen. Taking a moment just to sit and look at the flowers was peaceful in the midst of all the people.

It was then that I looked down and saw a beautiful butterfly just sitting on a rock. Image

I chuckled as I realized that here I had been chasing after butterflies and all I had to do was be still and let them come to me. ImageImage

You know those moments when you are being still and I thought pops into your mind? I smiled as I heard God say “All you have to do Lisa is be still. I’m here ready to spend time with you. Wherever you are and in whatever season you are in. I’m here.

God wants us to be still in him. Not worrying and not trying so hard to please. When life seems too crazy or you are struggling, be still and know he is God. He is in control and he loves you.

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by.

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by.  It wasn’t meant to be this way.  I wanted to write, I still do, life just seems to have gotten in the way.  This last few months have been crazy busy.  I knew this season would be busy and I started off with good intentions.  Knowing my self and how overwhelmed I can get I intentionally spent some time alone with God.  I spent a day at a beautiful botanical garden chasing butterflies, learning about cactus and just spent time with God.  It was wonderful.  I left that place feeling refreshed.  But I also left that place mentally checking off quiet time off my to do list.  On to the next thing, ministry happenings.  Easter Egg Hunts, VBS, and a ton of other stuff to do before summer hit.  Throw into the mix a very much needed vacation with my hubby and it seemed I was falling farther and farther behind.  My to do list was becoming overwhelming.

It’s easy for me to get discouraged when I’m overwhelmed.  Not only discouraged, but depressed.  I have learned in the past few years that when I fall behind and I’m schedule is crazy it’s really because I’ve expected too much of myself.  Even today, after a long week of Vacation Bible School, I’m suppose to be resting yet I’m tempted to go into work because curriculum needs to be done.  Still feeling like I’m falling behind….and wanting to give up.

Yet, those self imposed expectations, the hurry-ness all result into one big lie.  I can’t do this, so why do I try.  Why do I even bother.  What do I really have to say in a blog that is so important anyway.  Who am I? I think.  Okay stop here, because that is certainly a lie from Satan.

God has designed us to be in relationships, specifically with him.  Plan and simple.  He may call us to be parents, volunteers, careers etc.  But that isn’t what defines us.  We are simply his children.  And he wants us to hang out with him.

The to do list will be there and we will probably fall behind at times, but He’s there and He wants to help and encourage us.  So today, I won’t

be discouraged over not having written a post in over two months.  I will pick my self up from my “fall” off the blogging wagon and begin again.


I’ve spent some time writing today and joining Lisa Jo Baker on her website for 5 minute Fridays.