What Women Fear: {Week 2 Chapters 1 & 2}

We began this week learning about two kinds of fears.  Fear of “What if” and fear of rejection.

If you are a mom like me, I know you have felt that fear of “what if…”.  I think all moms at some point worry about their kids this way.  What if they get hurt, what if they don’t do well in school.  It may seem trivial but those can be real fears.  Especially if you begin to allow those lies get the best of you.  Pretty soon we have conjured up ugly scenarios that can send anyone into a panic attack.

Angie talks about Abraham and Sarah and God’s plan for them to have a family.  When it appears that this will not happen Sarah takes matters into her own hands.  It is a decision that she later regrets.  We can paralyze ourselves with the “What if’s” in our lives.

Angie is drawn to Hagar in the Bible story.  She is the one who has given Abraham a child first and now that Sarah has her own child jealousy has forced Hagar to leave.  Not knowing what will happen and or what is to become of her and her child she cries out to God.  God answers and Angie’s comment is very enlightening.  “Scripture tells us that God open Hagar’s eyes and she sees the well of water……. Take note of the fact that it doesn’t say He dropped a well of water right next to her, but rather that He opened her eyes to see it.

Her circumstances didn’t change, her awareness did.”

In chapter 2 the fear of rejection is very evident in Leah’s life as she tries to win Jacob’s affection.  This fear has been a very real one in my life, because it has led me down a path of trying so hard to win others approval.  This leads to disappointment and rejection.  And boy can I beat myself up over it!  Angie reminds us that God loves us and He is faithful to us.  The more we rely on Him the stronger our faith will be.

I liked how Angie pointed out Leah’s change in perspective after the birth of her third son.  She chooses to praise God for blessing her instead of looking to win Jacob’s approval.

She changes her perspective.

Hmm…. I see a theme here.  A few years ago I sat in my own “desert” feeling pretty hopeless. I chose to stop trying so hard to win others approval and started praising God.  He loves me, He created me for His purpose and He was blessing me.

My circumstances didn’t change, but my perspective did.  

How about you?  Is it possible the “well” is right beside you but you haven’t seen it?  Are you focused on what you think is missing that you don’t see the present.  Do you fear rejection in a way that causes you to try to win others approval?

This lesson hit close to home for me but it reminded me that God loves me and He loves you too.  He is the author of the universe.

He didn’t need to create us, He wanted too.  You are special to Him.

How about you?  What ways did these chapters help you to realize your fears and how to overcome them?  How about the questions listed above?  I believe it is through our community that God will use each of us to help overcome our fears.