I’m taking a shot at writing for 5 minutes joining Lisa Jo and Five Minute Friday.  Today’s topic is Remembering.

I’m a children’s pastor.  Specifically, to preschool age children.  And although I may not be their teacher every week I still grow a huge attachment to them by the time they graduate kindergarten and move on to the first grade.  Occasionally, I will run into these “graduated kindergartners” and their families outside of church.  It could be a few months later or even several years later.  I’ll always greet the parents and the kids.

Here is how those conversations usually go… I say hi, comment on how big their child has grown.  Parents will say hi and look at their child and say “Honey, you remember Miss Lisa, right?”  And here comes that blank stare….”Um, maybe…”

I see their little minds trying to make a connection to who I am and where in the world they have seen me before.

But when asked about church and what they like about it, their eyes light up.  And then the conversations begin.  About a friend at church they met or a Sunday School teacher they really like or the latest Family Worship Night they attended.  Rarely, is it about a specific lesson or what they “learned” in class.

And then I smile.  You see a younger child may not always remember a Bible story, or a memory verse, but they will remember the relationships.  The friends they made or the connections with a teacher.  Those my friends are the building blocks to a life time of walking with Christ.  They will hear the stories again, they will memorize  scripture over and over, but the foundations of a relationship with someone at church is the beginning of a relationship with Christ.  That’s what I want them to remember, not Miss Lisa.

Five Minute Friday